Me + Susie Watson fabric = a cute oversized bag (and a gift for you!)

When lovely Jenni, from the Susie Watson Designs team, contacted me a few weeks ago and proposed me a little collaboration on the occasion of Mother's day, I got really excited straight away! It happens to me every now and again to receive proposals similar to this but I usually regrettably have to always say no to anyone and everyone due to my severe lack of spare time and difficulty in committing to any kind of activities, deadlines and collaborations like this. 

But this time.... I mean... Susie Watson!!!

You have to know that I am absolutely crazy for that brand, I love their handmade pottery (and I am lucky enough to have been treated with some gorgeous pottery pieces from hubby and from some special friends in the past as everyone knows how much I love them) and I am a frequent and loyal fabric buyer, in fact you've probably been reading me mentioning their  fabric in some of my old posts, as I tend to use them quite a lot (for instance my utility room and my family bathroom are entirely furnished in handmade items created using Susie Watson fabric). 
So yep, it's clear to see that I couldn't possibly say no this time.. plus I took the occasion to also make a little gift to all my lovely and loyal readers and so here I am with this cute project! 

Jenni offered to send me a bundle of matching different pieces of Susie Watson Designs fabric for me to create a little (or large in this case!) project and then share the tutorial for my readers and their customers to be able to make the item themselves

..and I had such fun designing and making this project (a little behind the scene down here ^_^!) and I have to thank again and again the lovely Jenni for choosing such a pretty selection of fabric for me, as that made my job soooo much easier ;)

So as you have guessed by now (from the first pic above), I decided to make a very cute oversized tote bag which you can create as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone really special... like for instance your mum, being Mother's day just behind the corner. This oversized tote is just perfect for grocery shopping, running errands, short weekend getaways, an afternoon at the beach, a spring pic nic, it can be filled with toys for your kids play dates or with craft materials for a crafternoon with a friend or... well.. whatever really! For me it's just perfect for my frequent post office trips overloaded with packets and parcels and I can't wait to proudly show it off next time I'll have the occasion to.

Ready to make your own??? 
Here we go!


Oversized tote bag

(final size: approx. 55cm x 33cm excluding handles)

♥ ♥ 

What you will need:

- fabric for exterior 
- fabric for lining
- fabric for pocket
- fabric scraps for heart applique and bow
- webbing/belting tape for handles ( I used a 4cm wide cotton one) 
- medium weight fusible interfacing
- a scrap of fusible applique paper
- some cute buttons
- cotton tape
- embroidery floss

All seam allowances are considered to be 0.6 cm (or the width of a standard presser foot) unless otherwise stated.

Mark and cut (fig. 1):

- two 60 cm x 42 cm pieces from exterior fabric
- two 60 cm x 42 cm pieces from lining fabric
- two 60 cm x 42 cm pieces from interfacing
- two 23 cm x 16 cm pieces from pocket fabric (for main pocket piece)
- one 12 cm x 25 cm piece from pocket fabric (for pocket flap)
- two 72 cm pieces of webbing tape

{fig 1}

Apply the fusible interfacing onto the reverse of the exterior fabric through ironing. 
Cut 7 cm x 7 cm squares at the bottom corners of the exterior and lining pieces as in fig. 2.

{fig 2}


Lay the two pocket pieces, right sides together, and sew all around the edges leaving a gap at the top to turn the pieces inside out. 
Turn the pieces inside out through the gap. Iron carefully. 
Close the top gap with some hand slip stitches.
Finally topstitch the pocket a few mm from the top border (fig. 3).

{fig 3}

Create the heart applique (download pattern here) using some fusible applique paper following the instructions of the manufacturer.
Iron the heart applique on the front of the pocket placing the bottom of the heart 1.5 cm away from the bottom edge of the pocket. Sew all around the edge of the heart using a satin stitch (a very short zig zag stitch) as in fig. 4. Decorate the rest of the pocket as you prefer using your creativity! I added a little piece of cotton tape where I hand stitched the wording "Love" and some little cross stitches but you can also add some little buttons, some lace and trimmings etc.

{fig 4}

Fold double the 12x25cm piece of pocket fabric right sides together and draw the pocket flap shape (you find it in the file you previously downloaded for the heart shape). Sew all around the markings leaving a gap at the top. Turn the flap inside out through the gap. Iron carefully and close the gap with some hand slip stitches.
Topstitch a few mm from the border on the bottom rounded edge of the flap as in fig. 5.

{fig 5}

Lay the main pocket piece with its bottom edge approximately 15 cm away from the bottom edge of one of the exterior pieces. Topstitch a few mm from the border around the sides and the bottom of the pocket to fasten it to the bag exterior (fig. 6).
Lay the flap with its top edge approximately 2.5 cm away from the top edge of the main pocket piece, so that it partially covers it. Topstitch a few mm away from the border along the top edge of the pocket flap to fasten it to the bag exterior (fig. 6).

{fig 6}

Finish the pocket, again making the most of your creativity, with some cute buttons (maybe some fabric covered ones too!) to be handstitched on the flap.

Bag construction

Lay the two bag exteriors right sides together and sew along the sides and the bottom but leave the square corners open (fig. 7). Repeat the same with the lining pieces but this time use a wider seam allowance (approximately 1 cm) so that the resulting bag lining shell will be slightly smaller then the exterior one and will fit properly inside it.

{fig 7}

Fold the bottom corners of the exterior and lining bag shells to create a squared base (fig. 8). Sew along all of the corners.

{fig 8}

Fold back the top edge of the exterior bag shell and of the lining bag shell, wrong sides together, by approximately 1 cm and iron to set.
Place the lining bag shell inside the exterior bag shell, wrong sides together, and sew them together along the top edge, approximately 2-3 mm away from the border.


Take the two pieces of webbing tape previously prepared and mark them at 14 cm from both the ends. Fold double the handles lengthwise between the marks and stitch them along the free edge (fig. 9). Remember to strengthen very well the beginning and the end of the sewing line, stitching back and forth for at least 4-5 times, because these areas will be subject to a lot of stress.

{fig 9}

Fold the handles ends twice by approximately 3 cm and pin them in place on the bag laying them 16 cm away from the side seams (fig. 10). Sew a square shape twice around the handle tabs to fasten them to the bag.

{fig 10}

Add a little bow made using a scrap of contrasting fabric and iron very carefully all the bag.
Enjoy it yourself or give it to someone you love as a very special gift!!!

♥ ♥ 


{Clicca qui per scaricare le istruzioni in Italiano}




  1. Ciao Fede,
    che meraviglia.
    Tutto chiarissimo grazie a presto DonatellaM

  2. borsa molto bella, mi piacciono i colori che hai usato. per quanto riguarda il problema inglese/italiano , bè, almeno per quanto mi riguarda, non avere la traduzione è un motivo in + per ripassare l'inglese!

  3. La borsa è bella bella, le istruzioni sono super dettagliate e anche chi come me non mastica inglese non si trova in difficoltà.
    Baci Maria

  4., love it !

  5. Ma che meraviglia Federica!!! Questo sì che è un bellissimo regalo per noi appassionate di cucito!!! Hai saputo interpretare queste stoffe in modo incantevole (come sempre del resto!). Non mi è di certo sfuggita la tua ultima foto su Instagram e sono subito andata sul sito di Susie Watson a curiosare!!! Belle stoffe e bellissime ceramiche, proprio una meraviglia. Ho anche guardato i due video "how we make it" e sono rimasta molto colpita: hai visto quel ragazzo come ricama a macchina a mano libera? e hai visto che macchina?!? altro che attrezzature super-tecnologiche ... serve esperienza, talento e passione!!! Quello sì che è un artigiano!
    Bene, ho finito il mio luuuungo commento. Ciao, alla prossima ;-)

  6. Thank you, Federica, for giving us such a lovely springtime gift of your bag tutorial!!! So that's how you make those trendy purse straps! And---I love, just love your LOVE label! Now, since there are lots of fabrics to choose from ... comes the difficult part! Mary in Oregon (back now, after having had two new computers hacked... but this one seems to be okay!)

  7. Grazie cara Federica!!! Sei un tesoro!!!
    Deliziose le tue stoffine, le adoro! <3

  8. Grazie cara Federica!!! Sei un tesoro!!!
    Deliziose le tue stoffine, le adoro! <3

  9. Cara grazie mille per questo regalo, sei sempre dolcissima e generosa! Le spiegazioni sono chiarissime, anche se non conosco benissimo l'inglese mi ha aiutato Google traduttore, eh eh eh!!!!
    Ci proverò sicuramente, baci.

  10. E' bellissima, grazie per il tutorial.

  11. Complimenti! Deve essere stata una grande soddisfazione!

  12. E' la Tua borsa...parla di te! Complimenti ... ti auguro un futuro con Jenni! Grazie per il bellissimo tutorial. Un abbraccio, Barbara

  13. qué preciosidad, creo que te la voy a copiar, me encanta. saludos desde España

  14. Ciao Fede!!
    Debe de hacer una tremenda ilusión que marcas como ésta piensen en ti...Me alegro mucho, te lo mereces!!
    El bolso te ha quedado súper bien!! Y...gracias por enseñarnos a Mirtillo...está lindísimo!! Me encanta!!

    A big hug for you!!


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    Grazie per aver condiviso con noi la gioia di questo incarico e per il regalo....questa borsa è deliziosa ed utilissima!!!
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    3) Per forza te le fanno, sei bravissima e il tuo buon gusto è indiscusso!
    Grande Fede!

  20. Sei STU-PEN-DA nn servono altre parole
    Un abbraccione

  21. wow!!!sono stra felice per te!!!sii orgogliosa sempre delle tue doti manuali!!!!!se insuperabile.

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  26. Hermosa bolsa! Felicitaciones por el reconocimiento de Susie Watson designs. Ah y muchas gracias por el tutorial.

    Un especial saludo desde Colombia!

  27. Hermosa bolsa! Felicitaciones por el reconocimiento de Susie Watson designs. Ah y muchas gracias por el tutorial.

    Un especial saludo desde Colombia!

  28. bellissima! grazie per il tutorial: i disegni sono molto chiari.

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    Ciao da Ivana

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    Ma sai che sei gia' su Facebook? Nel profilo di Susie Watson e' gia' esposta la tua creazione:
    Naturalmente ho gia' messo il mio personale"mi piace" e il mio commento.
    Ti meriti tutto questo e non posso che essere contenta per te, del resto sono una delle prime ad aver sostenuto (e acquistato) i tuoi prodotti da almeno otto anni!!
    Carissima, una informazione: hai sempre la stessa macchina da cucire che hai indicato nel faq? Devo cambiare la mia con una che faccia anche il punto festone e volevo un consiglio da te.
    Grazie e ancora Auguroniiii!!

  40. Es muy bonita, el diseño es muy bonito.

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  42. Precioso, un gusto exquisito. Como siempre.Un saludo.

  43. Precioso, un gusto exquisito. Como siempre.Un saludo.

  44. Dear Federica, thank you for sharing this lovely bag. As usual I couldn't resist myself to make one as soon as I saw your tutorial. I would have loved to have access to those Susie Watson fabrics, I think she has a gorgeous style. It's a pity I don't know where to get them in Spain. Fortunately, I might visit London this summer so it will be a good chance to get some. I leave you a link to my friend MJ and my Tote Bag,, hope you like the result.

    Please, keep designing this way and doing such a great job, you're an inspiration for many of us.

    Ana XOX

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  52. Ciao, bentornata and good luck :)

  53. Ciao, bentornata and good luck :)

  54. Grazie mille!!! Bellissimo progetto


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